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Bri Cobb, MBA

Founder of Ask-an-MBA

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Get access to the expertise you need when you need it

no need for long-term coaching or mastermind commitments

We know how important it is to get your business questions answered when you are in the thrust of the planning and execution phase. Sometimes, you are stuck and can't get any traction with your marketing efforts. Ask-an-MBA provides the high-level Marketing, Branding and digital Advertising expertise and strategic guidance you need to move your projects and your business forward, so that you can increase your revenue.

Ask-as-you-grow Consults

90-minute sessions

High-level consultations to answer your strategic and tactical questions at the time you need it most.

Strategic Direction in

3 Pillars of Expertise

Ask-an-MBA eliminates your struggles and lack of action.  We provide strategic direction and executional guidance to help you get unstuck and move your marketing projects forward.

  • Marketing 

    Strategy and Planning for Modern Marketing Tactics to Grow Today's Small Brands

    On-demand consultations are ideal for the entrepreneur who needs access to Marketing, Branding or digital Advertising expertise for strategic direction on a project or for assistance with execution of tactics such as branding, messaging, content development, website upleveling, Facebook advertising, Podcasts, email marketing, etc. We help you get unstuck, so that your marketing is effective and builds your client base faster for significant revenue growth.

  • Branding

    Shape Your Brand to Tell Your Story and Attract New Prospects

    The full day of planning is an intense, concentrated and expedited dive into your business. It includes developing your Brand Plan, Marketing Plan and your customized Plan-of-Action for six months of activity. You will have Bri Cobb's expertise on your business for six hours. Your Plan-of-Action will serve as your success map.

  • Advertising

    Advertise to Build Awareness and Gain Visibility Among New Prospects

    Designed for the DIY website creator who struggles with getting any traction from ideal prospects -- little to no engagement, no revisits and no sales. Transform your site into a client magnet and a sales generator.

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This is where you let us know that you're serious about working with us. Simply select the best date and time for you, schedule the appointment and commit financially by making your payment.

This is your opportunity to tell us about your business and your challenges, so we can prepare for our consultation. We'll also assess your online presence 

This is where you let us know that you're serious about working with us. Simply select the best date and time for you, schedule the appointment and commit financially by making your payment.

Get answers to your burning questions

  • If you're in search of the most strategic, modern marketing tactics to grow your business...

  • If you need to do a better job defining your target audience to get more clients...

  • If you need to strategically identify another target group to gain more business opportunities...

  • If you need to refine your brand's properties to appeal to specific target groups...

  • If you need to up-level your website to attract ideal prospects who want what you sell...

  • If you need strategic guidance to figure out how to optimize Facebook and Instagram advertising to reach new prospects...


It's not about our degrees; it's about our qualifications to help your business soar.

But just so you know...

Our team of experts are entrepreneurs who have earned MBAs and have excelled in the corporate arena, leveraged their corporate experiences to launch, run and successfully grow their businesses. They bring their best to you and are equipped to strategically answer your burning questions to get you unstuck and to move your business projects forward for your ultimate success. 

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