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I'm Bri Cobb!

Branding Expert

Digital Marketing Strategist



I teach entrepreneurs how to leverage their passion and skills to launch, elevate and grow their digital businesses using high-level strategies and low-to-no cost marketing tools.

Work with me

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Digital Courses

  • Brandability Bootcamp

  • Digital Business Launch

  • Websitology

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Monthly Masterclasses

Live 1 hour group classes teaching high-level strategies for digital businesses seeking to launch, grow or accelerate their visibility and impact.

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90 minute one-on-one consultations to get your strategic questions answered at the time you need it. 

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An Introductory Digital Course

The First 5 Action Steps You Must Take to Get Your Business Online

You are here because you are ready to start your service business today, so that you can make money and reward yourself with the freedom to lead the lifestyle that you desire and are willing to work for.

Many people don't start their businesses because they don't know how to get started. They are stuck. This short, introductory digital course will tell you the first 5 crucial steps that you must take to get unstuck and launch your online business. Ready to get started?

Podcast with me

The Entrepreneurship

is a Bitch Podcast

This is the place to be to learn about truths, lies, challenges and solutions about entrepreneurship. Stop by to listen to interviews and stories and discover the lessons learned by successful entrepreneurs who have mastered their craft.


It's not about our degrees; it's about our qualifications to help your business soar.

But just so you know...

Our team of experts are entrepreneurs who have earned MBAs and have excelled in the corporate arena, leveraged their corporate experiences to launch, run and successfully grow their businesses. They bring their best to you and are equipped to strategically answer your burning questions to get you unstuck and to move your business projects forward for your ultimate success. 

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