Next Idea to Launch Live Workshop begins on November 24.


Teaching women how to move from business idea to launched business in 10 intensive weeks.


You already know this, right?

Your idea does not have to remain an idea. 

Anyone can have a good idea; however, not everyone will bring it to fruition. So, who are you -- an idea generator or an executor? You know that it's completely within your power to not allow your good idea to be just that, a dormant idea that withers away over time. You know that the more time passes, the less likely you are to move from the idea phase to the launch phase. Don't you already know that since you are here, you are ready for progress?

Time to take action!

Move from idea phase to launch phase.

Don't be afraid to act. Don't be reluctant to decide that you're ready to stop living in the thinking-about-it mode. You are the only person stopping you from getting started. If you are fearful that you don't have the knowledge needed to execute your idea, GET HELP.


You can get expert guidance to teach you the step-by-step process that will get your business started, branded, designed, integrated and launched in less than 10 weeks.

An online business can be your full-time gig or your side hustle. You choose.

  • A digital business gives you flexibility, where you can continue to build your career while building your business. 

  • A digital business allows you to work from anywhere in the world.

  • It could be a low-operating cost, high-revenue generating business if you know the tools to leverage. 

  • There could be unlimited opportunities to leverage your experience.

get that business idea out of your head & launch it

idea to launch


Everything you need to get started and create your digital infrastructure to generate income is in this workshop.

  • Live training and instruction

  • 6 modules

  • 10 week intensive

  • Small group cohorts

  • Dedicated Q&A sessions

  • Support and accountability

Here's what will be taught in the course:







Idea to Launch WORKSHOP

Start your business. Define your brand identity. Launch your business.

Live workshop begins on:

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

1:00 PM EST

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Idea to



6 module, 10-week live, intensive workshop using my launch system to flush out your business idea, guide you step-by-step to launch your online business using proven corporate branding and marketing strategies with modern marketing tactics and low-to-no cost marketing tools for maximum impact. 


Next Session Begins: November 24, 2020


6 Modules | 8 Live Sessions | 10 Weeks

Course Details...

Module 1

Start Your Imprint

You must have an online presence if you're going to have a business. It's the most crucial and strategic way to make an impact upon your network, your industry and your target audience, while growing your revenue to life changing levels.

The Idea to Launch Workshop will take you through, step-by-step, exactly how to get started creating your imprint in the online space.

Module 2

Define & Brand

Assess your brand identity and define its true essence. This is the opportunity to shape your brand's personality, validate your brand message, confirm the profile of your prospect and find your unique voice in your industry. This is where the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN & HOW questions get answered. The Idea to Launch Workshop will take you through exercises to help you uncover all that is uniquely you.

Module 3

Cultivate Offerings

With a unique, strong and concise brand message that reaches your target audience, you will be able to create service offerings specific to addressing their needs and providing solutions for them to thrive. The Idea to Launch Workshop teaches you how to ensure that your offerings resonate with the right target and have them view you as the go-to source. 

Module 4

Design &


There are many options to create your business' website by starting with a platform's template. But, it will look just like everyone else's site, who chose the same template. You do not want this, as your goal is to differentiate your business from your competitors. The Idea to Launch Workshop will teach you exactly how to customize your templated website, so that it represents your business with your brand's personality and your brand's aesthetics. 

Module 5


Here, you will learn all of the elements to build into your site to make it easy for prospects to connect with you, engage with you and buy from you. The Idea to Launch Workshop teaches you how to initiate the relationship with prospects and foster it using low-to-no cost integrative marketing tools. Your website is your most powerful tool that works with other platforms to enhance prospects' experiences and interactions with your business. This is where the magic happens. You get the opportunity to share how your product or service can improve prospects' lives. You get to learn about what inspires prospects. You get to learn about what motivates them to take action. This is invaluable. 

Module 6


You are in business to sell your services and build revenue. In the Idea to Launch Workshop, you will learn all of the steps needed to go from an incline of an idea to a launched business. Every step is mapped out for you to follow and you'll have expert guidance throughout the course. 



Nikki Kay

Group Fitness Instructor

Personal Trainer

Bri can take a simple, fledgling idea for a product or service and turn it into something that is visionary and robust. It's the marketing and branding experience that she brings to the table that really sets her apart from competitors. So, if you already have a business and you want to unlock all of its potential or if you are just starting out and you want the best chance for your business to be all that it can be, work with Bri.


Phyllis N.

Sales & Marketing Expert

Bri has a way of getting to the heart of what you need.  It's her super power. We spent 30 minutes brainstorming the details of a new service that I had been trying to finalize for weeks.  I implemented the plan she helped me create and two clients signed up the very first day!  If you're launching something new, she is the go-to resource!

New Jersey's Sought-afterEye

Adrienne C.

Lash Extensions Studio Owner

Bri Cobb is the answer you are seeking.  She is highly professional, creative, timely and cost effective.  When designing my website, I was unsure of exactly what I was for.  She was patient, as she helped me conceptualize the design.  More importantly, she was instrumental in every aspect of the project from initial design, beta testing and launch! Look no further.



  1. Create Your Digital Imprint

  2. Define Your Business 

  3. Brand Your Business

  4. Cultivate Your Offerings

  5. Design, Integrate & Populate Your Website

  6. Plan Your Launch 


  • Bi-weekly calls for training and coaching

  • Expert guidance

  • Small group cohort

Private Group Access

  • Ask your questions

  • Get ongoing feedback and support

  • Meet other students



It's time to make progress. Get expert guidance, embedded in the course, and learn the exact steps that will take you from business idea to launched business.  



Idea to Launch Course understands the level of commitment required to complete this intense program. You will have questions along the way and I am committed to answering them. Live sessions will be established for your convenience.



Be a part of a supportive group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are in the same phase as you. Be challenged to meet the goals you set for your business. 

join idea to launch WORKSHOP

To get the result of going from a business idea to a launched business, with a step-by-step plan and expert guidance along the way, your required investment is time and money. This should not stand in your way of progress.

In return, my commitment to you is to deliver on my promise of teaching you how to start your digital imprint. You'll learn and execute your business' start, brand your business, design your online presence and determine your offerings. Ready to launch your business in 10 weeks?

Your investment in your business: $797 

Frequently asked questions

Who is this workshop for?

Idea to Launch Live Group Workshop is designed for the entrepreneur who is ready, now, to turn her business idea into a launched business. She is mentally prepared to devote all efforts into the 10-week intensive program to get started on her dream business.

Is this a live workshop or a digital course?

The workshop is conducted live. This way, you can interact with your instructor and follow along with the expertly guided instruction to launch your business in the specified 10-week period.

Will I have access to the material if I am unable to attend the live session?

Yes. All sessions will be recorded and you will be granted access to learn the program content when you're ready and able. However, we encourage you to make every effort to attend the live session to interact with other students and ask questions of the instructor based on current lessons taught.

Will a refund be available if I am dissatisfied?

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase and not be distracted from your commitment to finally turn your business idea into a launched business. We aim for 100% satisfaction among our students. We do not offer refunds because the workshop material is taught live and you will have gained access to proprietary content. We will work closely with each student to ensure satisfaction.

What would happen if I choose to test drive the workshop?

We do not recommend that you take this path, as we do not offer refunds. If you make the decision to enroll in this workshop, you must be ready and able to commit the time to realize the benefits.

I have a question that is not captured here. What should I do?

Ask away! If you have additional questions, contact the team at and we will get back to you with our response.

How much time will I need to dedicate to this workshop?

We estimate that 4 - 6 hours per week will be needed to maintain the pace of the program and accomplish the goal of launching your business in 10 weeks. This is less than 1 hour a day for each week. You can do it! Keep in mind that the more you focus and commit, the more you'll get out of the workshop.

What types of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also accept PayPal. NOTE: we do not accept checks.

Do you have office hours?

We do not have office hours; however, there will be scheduled Q&A sessions that will give you an opportunity to ask pressing questions after you've had an opportunity to digest the information taught.

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