You bring the idea and we'll launch the business for you.

from BUSINESS idea to LAUNCHED business

Our Done-for-You package is designed specifically for the impatient entrepreneur who knows that she has a brilliant idea and she is ready to launch it now. She does not have the bandwidth to learn how to launch on her own and she wants to launch quickly, efficiently and intelligently. We work with small service-based businesses.

We are a brand focused marketing agency that serves as your partner to turn your business idea into a launched business. We work with you to dive deep into your business idea to uncover the hidden gems that are worthy of being a business and have profit potential. 

We utilize our signature method, Idea to Launch, to find out what makes you different and your business competitive. We work with you to identify the manner in which your business will be set apart from your competitors and prospects will see you as a leader in your industry.  




Here, we work with you to dive deep into your business idea to uncover the hidden gems that are worthy of being a business and have profit potential. This half day (four hours) strategy session will reveal a lot about you and help us determine how to differentiate your business from competitors.

The Idea Sift session is a required step, as it is the basis from which your business is defined. After the session, a written brief summarizing key direction and opportunities will be provided.

Your investment: $1,500 (will be applied to cost of the Brand Build)

* required before you can proceed to Step 2


The Brand Build is designed for the entrepreneur who is ready to move from idea to launch to sales in the most productive and time-efficient manner because she is ready to begin generating sales now.

The Brand Build is where your brand comes alive. Stellar brand strategy and creative execution that uses all that was revealed during the Idea Sift and establishes your business as a force with which to be reckoned. We develop all of the key elements to your brand and release a fully functional product to you that prepares you for the next phase -- sales. 

Your investment: begins at $7,000

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Our streamlined process for establishing your brand through: 

  • Identity

  • Messaging

  • Positioning

  • Personality

  • Creative 

  • Style Guide

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We develop content to help you share your story and connect with prospects who want what you sell. Package includes:

  • Logo Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Email Template

  • Blog Template

  • Social Media Set Up

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We design fully integrated, aesthetically pleasing and functional websites that are a beautiful representation of your brand. We build websites that our clients can easily edit. Package includes:

  • Visual Identity

  • Full website design and build

  • Website Analytics

  • Copywriting

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We coordinate all efforts to establish your digital imprint. After launch, you will be in the best position to market and sell your services to prospects who want what you sell. 


Bri can take a simple, fledgling idea for a product or service and turn it into something that is visionary and robust. It's the marketing and branding experience that she brings to the table that really sets her apart from competitors. So, if you already have a business and you want to unlock all of its potential or if you are just starting out and you want the best chance for your business to be all that it can be, work with Bri.” 

—  Nikki Kay

Are we a good fit?

We understand that you are ready to get started and finally turn your business idea into a launched business, but you may have reservations. This should not derail you. We are here to help you accomplish your goal of starting your business now. If you need to meet (via conference call) to ask your questions and determine if you are ready to book the Idea Sift to initiate the process, schedule a call below.

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