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An 8-week live working workshop with 6 fast-paced modules designed for you to get clients consistently by consistently marketing.

Everything you need to create your own online marketing machine.

You know that your business can enhance the lives of many. But, how do you reach and connect with prospects, so they choose to do business with you?

Stop doing these 5 things while trying to grow your business:

1) Haphazardly trying every marketing program of the

    moment without any direction. 


2) Stalking competitors in your industry to do what they do

    and hope for the same level of success.

3) Staying stuck and stagnant in your business because you

    don't know what to do next.

4) Struggling to market your business, without expert help,

    when you know that you have not been successful at it.

5) Marketing your business without structure or focus.

Consider this:

Rarely, does one marketing tactic solve all of your marketing needs.

And, just because a tactic worked for one business, does not mean it will work for yours.

You need to know:

  • who are your prospects, where do they hang out and how can you connect with them

  • which marketing tactics will appeal to your target

  • when should you employ the tactic

  • how frequently should you employ the tactic

  • what type of results should you expect from marketing your business

  • how to make money from your marketing efforts

Basically, you need a PLAN.

Get Clients Consistently by Consistently Marketing

Let's Plan Your Success!


Having a structured guide to follow to know exactly what you need to do to promote your business for the next six months.

Knowing exactly who makes up your target audience and how you will reach and connect with them to convert them from prospects to clients.

Consistently being focused on specific marketing efforts and not be distracted by the next new thing.

Tracking all promotions and knowing how each contribute to the growth of your business.

Being able to focus on servicing your clients and giving them 150% of your attention because your marketing efforts are automated.

Gain more clients consistently because of consistent marketing.

Hi, I'm Bri Cobb!

I invite you to work with me, so I can help you find your voice, standout in your industry, determine how to market your business and create a Plan-of-Action to get your business on the road to making money.

During my 15 year career in corporate Brand Management, everything was planned. Activities for every quarter, were identified and executed against. Of course, we embraced new strategies and new marketing tactics, but they had to work with the greater plan. I brought the same proven planning process to my business and it has served me well. I bring to you corporate brand management experience, proven academic principles and successful entrepreneurial experiences that can elevate your business.

Let's grow your client list consistently by consistently marketing.

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Smart Marketer


Today's Entrepreneur

A 12-week live working workshop with 6 fast-paced modules designed for you to plan your marketing success.

Start date: December 17, 2019


    Be a part of the workshop from anywhere. It's an online program.


    Receive weekly strategic direction to assist you with developing your plan.


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A deep dive into your business to strengthen your brand message and your brand presence, know what your competitors are doing but not be crippled by their actions, set goals and objectives for your business to ensure that all of your efforts are focused, identify the right marketing tactics for your business to reach and be seen by your prospective clients, to create an action plan to put your marketing programs in play and to market consistently against an executable plan.

12 Weeks | 6 Modules



How to 











What Makes Smart Marketer Different?

The Smart Marketing Framework is revolutionary because it stops you in your tracks and forces you to look at the big marketing picture versus haphazardly executing one program at a time based on what appears to be popular at the moment.  Instead, we will identify today's effective marketing tactics and determine which make sense for your business. Are they aligned with your objectives? Will they help you meet your goals? Will you reach your prospects? How will you keep your current clients loyal? How will you get your current clients to come back to you? 

Then, we develop your plan for the next six months in this "done-with-you workshop".


In the 8-week workshop, you will learn the proven process taught in business school and used by corporations before any action is taken. Every brand that you view in tv, print and radio ads is part of a plan. Every marketing tactic is carefully selected and becomes a piece of a larger puzzle. Every item works in tandem.

Let's develop your marketing plan. You will feel relieved that you dedicated time to map out your business' marketing, so that you can focus on the services you render. Know that a business with a plan wins in the marketplace. Let's get your win!

Master Your Marketing,

Get Clients Consistently &

Plan Your Success?

If you've been struggling to get clients consistently, then you're in the right place to learn how to pull clients toward your business versus constantly trying new marketing programs that don't work for you. Marketing your business is not a one-time deal. You must stay top-of-mind with your clients and prospective clients to grow. You can accomplish this by consistently marketing your business with proven, effective tactics. Start with a well thought out plan.

Ready to Invest in Your Business?

  • 8-week Program

  • Done-with-You Workshop

  • Live Coaching

  • Access to 24/7 Private Facebook Community

  • Small Group - limited to 10 participants

  • Accountability

  • Access to Marketing Expertise

BONUS: private session with

Bri Cobb at end of workshop

Pay in Full


one-time payment

  • 8-week Program

  • Done-with-You Workshop

  • Live Coaching

  • Access to 24/7 Private Facebook Community

  • Small Group - limited to 10 participants

  • Accountability

  • Access to Marketing Expertise

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