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Get high-level, strategic answers in 90-minute sessions.


Your burning questions deserve answers at the time you need them.

Now you can confidently execute your marketing programs to grow your business.

Hey Entrepreneurs,

As a fellow entrepreneur, I can admit that I know a lot about business, but I don't know everything. I bet you can admit this too. So, wherever I've identified knowledge gaps, I've hired business coaches and joined masterminds. But, I realize that they aren't for everyone. Whether they're too costly or they take too long to get to your answers, they may not address your needs.


This is why I created Ask-an-MBA, an on-demand marketing consultant group. I believe that when you are in the thrust of launching a marketing program and you have questions, you need quick expert guidance. You want answers when the questions arise. Ask-an-MBA will help you to confidently launch faster and better by getting you the answers you need when you them.

We are experts in Marketing, Branding and digital Advertising who have earned MBAs, had thriving corporate careers and have solid, successful entrepreneurial businesses. We draw from proven corporate strategies, longstanding academic principles and modern marketing tactics. We are here to work with you to answer your burning questions and to move your project forward expeditiously. 


Connect with us when you need us!

Bri Cobb, MBA

Founder of Ask-an-MBA

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Ask-as-you-grow marketing consultations

Access to expertise you need when you need it

no need for long-term coaching or mastermind commitments

Ask-an-MBA is a unique, ask as you grow, support system that helps entrepreneurs quickly access the Marketing, Branding and digital Advertising expertise you need to get results in your businesses. 

We know how important it is to get your business questions answered when you are in the thrust of the planning and execution phase. Sometimes, you are stuck and can't get any traction with your marketing efforts. Ask-an-MBA provides the Marketing, Branding and digital Advertising expertise and strategic guidance you need to move your projects and your business forward, so that you can generate more business and make more money.

In 90-minute sessions, you get answers to questions to avoid further delay of your business' success. 

Hire by the Session

No long-term consultant contracts or lengthy coaching commitments or year-long masterminds required. Book a 90-minute strategy session when you're ready.

Access to marketing experts to answer your most pressing questions for business growth at the time you need it.


High-level Strategy

Strategic direction from successful entrepreneurs who are corporate vets with MBAs and significant experience in Marketing, Branding and digital Advertising. 

Expertise you need to grow your business at the time you actually need it. 

Growth Expertise

You may not have answers to your questions, but we do.

  • If you're in search of the right and most strategic marketing tactics to promote your business...

  • If you need to identify a new target audience for additional business opportunities...

  • If you need to validate or refine your brand's properties

  • If you need to determine your business' brand message to attract the right prospects...

  • If you need to learn how to optimize Facebook and Instagram advertising...

Strategic Direction in 3 Pillars of Expertise

Ask-an-MBA eliminates your struggles and lack of action.  We provide strategic direction and executional guidance to help you get unstuck and move your marketing projects forward.

Qualified expert MBAs to help your business soar

Yes, we've earned MBAs!

We are entrepreneurs with MBAs who have excelled in the corporate arena and leveraged our corporate experience to launch, run and successfully grow our businesses. We marry proven corporate strategies with academic marketing principles and vast entrepreneurial experiences in the digital world to bring unique vantage points to you and your business.


We bring our best to you and are equipped to strategically answer your burning questions to get you unstuck and to move your business projects forward for your ultimate success. 

Yes, we're M.B.A. Experts!

We know for certain that you must market your business for it to grow. Our expertise in Marketing, Branding and digital Advertising can help you achieve your growth objectives in a time frame that will propel your business and serve you well.

Here's what clients have to say...

"What this company can do for your business is pretty amazing. They can take a simple, fledgling idea for a product or service and turn it into something that is visionary and robust. It's the marketing and branding experience that they bring to the table that really sets them apart from their competitors. So, if you already have a business and you want to unlock all of its potential or if you are just starting out and you want the best chance for your business to be all that it can be, work with them."

Nikki Kay of Body and Being Fit Life

Norwalk, CT

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